Shamo KenpoTM Academy
Our Headquarters is located in Tucson, Arizona.
We offer training programs in the Martial Arts.

The Academy is just the right size; large enough to offer programs for local members as well as Shamo Kenpo Jutsu for distance learners, but small enough to remember what's important -
your future! We believe there is no greater dream than to improve yourself and your life!

Our programs are taught at convenient times and feature small class sizes.
You learn with other students like yourself, leading to a dynamic training experience.
You will receive personalized, quality training that makes learning easier and more stimulating.

You can train at a pace and on a schedule that works best for you. Earn your Black Belt in as little as one year. The time it takes to earn your Black Belt varies based on your program's requirements, and the amount of personal practice outside of class you put forth.

We also offer open practice sessions several times a week for members, where you can use our facilities/equipment. Train solo, bring your partner, or practise with other members attending.

Available for download are our Policy Manual , and the Training Hall Etiquette pamphlet.
For more information, please view our website and/or send us an email from our Contact Us page.