About the Professor

Prof. S.R. Chadderdon's Martial Arts journey first began in 1962, when he was just 5 years old.
He practised a combative form of the Japanese Art, Diato Ryu Jujutsu. His Sensei had been part of the US occupational forces in Okinawa after WWII, and a Combat Instructor for the US Army during the Korean conflict. After retiring from the service, his Sensei taught at a YMCA in Tucson, Arizona.

Later at age 10, he practiced the sport of Shodokan Judo, when his family had moved and no Jujutsu School was available in the area.

During High School, he studied Wing Chung Gung Fu with Sifu Augustine Fong, who had studied in Hong Kong with the famous Yip Man (Bruce Lee’s Teacher).

During his 20’s, he studied Hawaiian Kenpo with Sensei Bill Ryusaki at the Ryu Dojo.
Sensei Ryusaki had studied in Hawaii with the legendary Professor William Chow (Hara-Ko Kenpo),
and with another of Chow's students - Sijo Adriano Emperado (founder of Kajukenbo).

Having began with a combative art form, the Prof. was interested more in the “Martial”
(Military) approach, rather than the popular “Competitive Sport” approach to the Arts.
In 1983, after 20 years in the Arts, he codified Shamo Tao (The Way of the Desert).

During the 1990’s, Prof. Chadderdon lived and worked in Thailand where he studied Krabi Kabong.
After returning to the United States, he revised Shamo Tao by adding to it elements of Krabi Kabong.
Upon entering the new millennium, Shamo Tao was renamed Shamo Kenpo Jutsu.

Law of the Desert Fist

Professor Stephen R. Chadderdon is recognized Internationally as the founder
(Shodai Soke) of the Combative Kenpo Jujutsu system of Shamo Kenpo Jutsu.

Member of the following associations:

  • Shamo Kenpo Academy (Shamo Kenpo Jutsu)
  • American Kenpo Legacy Association (American Kenpo)
  • International Karate Connection Association (Chinese Kenpo)
  • Shintai Ryu Martial Arts Association (Renzoku Jui-Jitsu)
  • Brotherhood of Martial Arts Instructors
Academic Degrees:
  • Bachelor of Arts in Management, University of Redlands
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Chapman University