Shamo KenpoTM Academy

A Shamo Kenpo "Fist" is what a small school, or "Kenpo Club", is called.

They are usually non-profit organizations, operating from an individuals home.
Normally they only teach the student grades of White through Brown Belt.

They are "prep schools" usually associated with a local Campus,
where students further their Black Belt studies under a Certified Black Belt Examiner,
or via our Distance Learning Program.

Often times, they are formed by a Black Belt, who is pursueing their Instructor's credentials.
Other times, they are formed by Black Belt Instructors or Examiners who are teaching family members and neighborhood friends.

"Chadd" Fist
Redondo Beach, CA
Instructor:  Prof. S.R. Chadderdon

"Hawk" Fist
Tucson, AZ
Instructor:  Sifu Kerion Hawkins

"Northern" Fist
Detroit, MI
Instructor:  Sifu Howard Holeman

"Parris" Fist
Peoria, AZ
Instructor:  Sibat John Parris

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