Martial Arts Associations

Kenpo is a Community
for Kenpo is based on Associations, not on Federations.

Associations helps one not only to practice Kenpo with other people,
but to get to know people, for that is the most important thing.

"Kenpo", "Ch’uan Fa", "Law of the Fist" – by whatever language,
there are as many “Forms” and ”Styles” as there are Practitioners!
And in this, is our Supreme Art! For it is ever changing, ever dynamic.

Here at the Shamo Kenpo Academy, we refer to our Members as "Ohana".
'Ohana means more than just Hawaiian for "Family".
'Ohana describes a community, a circle of friends, who share common goals and values.
This commonality also defines those who associate with the Shamo Kenpo Academy...

... ‘Ohana.