Shamo Kenpo Jutsu©

“The Law of the Desert Fist”

Shamo Kenpo Jutsu uses the:

fundamentals of Kenpo (Stances, Maneuvering, Blocking, Hand and Foot Strikes), combined with
fundamentals of Krabi Krabong (Muay Thai Elbow and Knee Strikes), combined with
fundamentals of Jujutsu (Breakfalls, Throws, Takedowns, and Joint Manipulations).

These fundamentals were then expanded into Techniques, Methods, and Patterns which reflect the
Chinese traditional use of Animal Styles from Shaolin Ch’uan Fa.

Shamo Kenpo Jutsu is a 5-belt system (skill levels), the Art of a Bodyguard,
which utilizes a solid foundation of fundamental movements which, in the Chinese tradition,
comprise six different Animal Stylizations.
These movements form the core of our 80 base techniques.
These techniques are used to compile our four primary practise patterns:

  • The Dragon Pattern
  • The Tiger Pattern
  • The Cougar Pattern
  • The Rattler & Roadrunner Pattern.

Do you want to practice a True Martial Art, as in the days of yore?
Learn more about how Shamo Kenpo Jutsu may be just what you are looking for –

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Enjoy all the benefits Shamo Kenpo Jutsu has to offer through a codified, charted,
belt-goal oriented program. Continued practice of this art has long lasting physical and mental value,
and can be a life-long pursuit.

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For those individuals who do not live within in commuting range of the Academy, or one of
our Fists or Campuses, you can Train & Rank from the privacy of your own home or dojo via our
Distance Learning Program.

Shamo Kenpo Jutsu Course Descriptions
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Belt Level

SKJ 101

Fundamentals I

Kyu 3

SKJ 201

Fundamentals II

Kyu 2

SKJ 301

Fundamentals III

Kyu 1

SKJ 401

Dragon Style

Dan 1

SKJ 411


Dan 1

SKJ 402

Tiger Style

Dan 2

SKJ 412


Dan 2

SKJ 403

Cougar Style

Dan 3

SKJ 413

Steel Baton

Dan 3

SKJ 404

R&R Style

Dan 4

SKJ 414

Combat Cane

Dan 4

SKJ 501

Pattern Composition

Dan 5

SKJ 502

Shamo Sword

Dan 5