Shamo Kenpo Jutsu Instructional Series©

8-Volume and 13-DVD Set containing the Philosophy, Concepts,
Methods and Techniques of the combative Martial Art
Shamo Kenpo Jutsu.

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Shamo Kenpo Jutsu Volume 1
Vol. 1 is available to the General Pulic.

  • Vol 1. Fundamentals
    White Belt through Brown Belt


Shamo Kenpo Jutsu Volumes 2 - 6
Vols. 2-6 is for Academy Members Only!

  • Vol 2. Shodan
    1st Degree Black Belt
  • Vol 3. Nidan
    2nd Degree Black Belt
  • Vol 4. Sandan
    3rd Degree Black Belt
  • Vol 5. Yondan
    4th Degree Black Belt
  • Vol 6. Godan
    5th Degree Black Belt

Black Belt Volumes
Membership Number

Shamo Kenpo Jutsu Volumes 7 - 8
Vol. 7 is available to the General Public.
Vol. 8 is available to Qual/Cert Examiners Only!

  • Vol 7. Instructor Manual
    White Belt through Brown Belt
  • Vol 8. Examiner Manual
    1st through 4th Degree Black Belts

Teacher Volumes
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