Virtual Dojo
Shamo Kenpo Academy's
Interactive Distance Learning Program

Distance Learning (Home Study) begins with the first Volume

"Volume 1 - Fundamentals"
of the Shamo Kenpo Jutsu Instructional Series Set.

  • Volume 1 - Fundamentals.
  • Volume 2 - Shodan and the Nunchaku
  • Volume 3 - Nidan and the Yawara-Bo
  • Volume 4 - Sandan and the Steel Baton
  • Volume 5 - Yondan and the Combat Cane
  • Volume 6 - Godan and the Shamo Sword
  • Volume 7 - Instructors Manual
  • Volume 8 - Examiners Manual

Volume 1, Fundamentals, contains course material for SKJ 101, SKJ 201, and SKJ 301.
These are 3rd Kyu (Orange Belt), 2nd Kyu (Green Belt), and 1st Kyu (Brown Belt) respectively.

Included are 3 Companion DVDs, which contain additional information not contained in
the written volumes. Conversely, there is information in each volume that is not on the DVDs.
Between the two, you receive a rich exposure to Shamo Kenpo Jutsu.

Many members prefer the written volumes, as you can take them anywhere.
Out Camping, in the Backyard, in the Garage to practise and refer to. You don't always have a
DVD player and screen handy. The DVDs offer the advantage that you can play them over, and
over again. In Slow Motion if want to. This offers the advantage over a student in a regular Dojo,
who may only get a demonstration once or twice by an Instructor in a full class.
And then promptly forgets what they saw on the drive home!

Also recommended is Vol. 7, Instructor's Manual, which contains a syllabus for each course,
and a class-by-class schedule breakdown. Included are the Written Tests, and how to film
demonstrations to turn in for Promotional Evaluations.

The Shamo Kenpo Academy also serves as a film studio, where we film a Private Lesson
in response to every Distance Learning Evaluation we do.
Our Certified Instructors and Examiners take the time to provide this personalized attention
to each of our members. Most members reach 1st Degree Black Belt within 12-18 months.
We want you to succeed! Participating in our Virtual Dojo is easy.

From our online eStore:

  • Order Vol. 1 - Fundamentals of the Shamo Kenpo Jutsu Instructional Series.
  • Register for Membership with the Shamo Kenpo Academy.
  • Pay Testing & Registration Fee for each Belt you are testing for promotion.

Interactively we exchange DVDs back and forth. Distance is no longer a problem.

  • Mail your Demonstration DVD to the Academy for Evaluation.
  • Receive your Private Lesson DVD from the Instructor who evaluated your test.