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The Shamo Kenpo Jutsu Instructional Series is a 8-Volume Set, containing the Philosophy,
Concepts, Methods, and Techniques of the combative Martial Art - Shamo Kenpo Jutsu.

  • Volume 1 - Fundamentals
  • Volume 2 - Shodan and the Nunchaku
  • Volume 3 - Nidan and the Yawara-Bo
  • Volume 4 - Sandan and the Steel Baton
  • Volume 5 - Yondan and the Combat Cane
  • Volume 6 - Godan and the Shamo Sword
  • Volume 7 - Instructors Manual
  • Volume 8 - Examiners Manual

These handsome Volumes have a black buckram roundback binding with gold foil stamped
lettering on the spine, and our Academy Crest gold foil stamped on the cover. A silk ribbon
bookmark adds a distinctive look. We have also added 13 Companion DVDs to visually
supplement the written manuscripts.

You can Study, Train, Practise, and Test for your Black Belt from the privacy of your own
home or dojo via our Virtual Dojo Distance Learning Program.